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You should not just accept a DUI charge as there are many ways in which the whole process can be flawed and a good DUI lawyer can challenge the way in which you were tested at the road side or the proficiency of the blood alcohol test.




While both robbery and burglary are both considered types of theft, there are other offenses which are classified in Pennsylvania law as theft as well. In these offenses, the use of force on a person or entry to a building is not necessarily involved.




If you have been charged with assault or aggravated assault it does not automatically mean you are guilty of either offense. It is up to the prosecution to prove beyond doubt that you committed the offense.


York Criminal Lawyer

We  have a vast amount of experience defending with the rights of individuals throughout all stages of criminal prosecutions and investigations conducted by State and Federal authorities. The firm’s criminal practice embraces all types of criminal offenses, ranging from assaults to DUI offenses. The goal of each criminal defense attorney is to work aggressively on behalf of their clients with the aim of having the charges dismissed or penalties reduced.

Often when someone is arrested and charged, words are exchanged between the person arrested and the arresting officer that are not relevant to the charge. Once a York criminal lawyer is called to handle the case, then the first step is to separate fact from fiction. When this has been done, the criminal lawyer from our office can pursue your case in earnest.

Anybody who is charged with an offense is presumed to be innocent until guilt is proven. This means that once arrested and charged, it is not a foregone conclusion that you will be sentenced immediately. With the professional help of a criminal defense attorney from our law office you have every chance to be treated more fairly than if you tried to defend yourself. Our aim is to ensure that you get the justice you deserve. In some cases, we will be able to get your charge dismissed altogether. If you are convicted, then we will make sure you only get the penalty which fits your crime.

Some of the cases we pursue include:

  • Robbery & burglary
  • Drug offenses
  • DUI
  • Reckless Driving
  • Hit and Run Accidents
  • Domestic Violence
  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Assault

Theft, Robbery and Burglary in Pennsylvania 

If you have been charged with theft, robbery or burglary in Pennsylvania you will need to hire an experienced York defense attorney to help to defend you and provide protection for your constitutional rights. If you to try to defend yourself without taking on legal representation it may mean that you face being charged with a far more serious offense than you rightfully deserve and the penalties imposed on you may be unfair. Theft, robbery and burglary charges are all criminal offenses and often mean several years in jail as well as the probability of probation and a fine. A second or third conviction will attract even more strict penalties. All criminal convictions will affect you and your family for the remainder of your life, as it will affect your income earning potential, both in acquiring a job or credit and applying for promotion.

Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania

Illegal drug crimes are not looked on lightly in Pennsylvania and the state’s law enforcers try hard to get convictions. This means that if you are caught in the possession of illegal drugs, neither the police nor the courts will give you any sympathy. The only chance you will get to defend yourself is by hiring one of our York defense attorneys who are experienced in handling drug crime cases like yours. There are different types of drug crimes in Pennsylvania and we work hard to make sure you get charged with the correct offense or get your charge dismissed if the evidence has been obtained through entrapment or is insufficient to have you convicted.

DUI in Pennsylvania

A conviction for being drunk or under the influence of drugs while driving (DUI) in Pennsylvania is taken very seriously. A jail sentence is a real possibility. Also, the loss of your license and the payment of fines, even for a first conviction, is a likely outcome.

Any DUI conviction is likely to affect you for a very long time, which will have an impact on the stability of your family, your career and your ambitions. The only way to avoid getting a DUI charge is to stop your self from drinking and driving in the first place. However, if it is too late and you have already been charged with DUI in York PA, then there is still a chance of avoiding a conviction and the heavy penalties that go with it. With the assistance of one of our experienced York PA DUI defense attorneys, there is a possibility that you might be able to get your DUI charge dismissed or, at the minimum, your penalties reduced.

Reckless Driving in Pennsylvania

The state of Pennsylvania treats seriously anyone who is convicted of reckless driving. This is considered a criminal misdemeanor or a felony depending on the nature of the offense, whether it is a repeat offense and whether anybody is hurt in a car accident because of your actions. A conviction for reckless driving could lead to a prison sentence, loss of license, points on your driver license and probation, coupled with a criminal record which will last for the rest of your life.

With most traffic offenses, the outcome extends further than the court penalties as your insurance premiums are likely to rise too. Hiring one of our defense attorneys gives you every chance to avoid the penalties or at least get them reduced. Reckless driving is one of those actions that is not clearly defined, as the intentions of the driver at the time cannot always be interpreted objectively. This uncertainty means that a charge may not have a good standing in court and can be dismissed or reduced far more easily than other types of traffic related offenses.

Hit & Run Accidents in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, it is a legal requirement for any driver who has been involved in an accident which caused damage to property or injury to a person to stop, give help and offer information in relation to the accident. If the driver fails to do this, then he or she has committed a criminal offense in this state. The charge laid for fleeing the scene of an accident is either a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on whether property or people are involved and how serious the injuries are, if any.

Hit and run offenses can mean severe penalties, including imprisonment, the loss of one’s driver license and stiff fines. If you have been arrested for such a hit and run offense you will need one of our experienced York PA defense attorneys to defend you. This will ensure you get a just hearing for your charge and any penalty that is given to you fairly meets your crime. Often, one of our criminal defense attorneys will get your penalty reduced or your case dismissed.

Domestic Violence

There are a number of different crimes that are considered domestic violence offenses. These are all treated seriously by the legal system in Pennsylvania. However, on occasions, people are accused of the crime of domestic violence due to a divorce dispute and issues related to child custody. Some of these incidents take place behind closed doors and there are few, if any, witnesses. Accusations are often made which are false or exaggerated. This means if you are to be treated fairly you will need the assistance of a York criminal defense attorney to ensure that you are not unfairly charged and convicted.

Assault in Pennsylvania

If you are accused of an assault in Pennsylvania which results in a conviction, you may face imprisonment and a large fine. The penalties given out for assault will depend on how serious the assault was and this is often a matter of interpretation. If you have been arrested and charged with assault, whether it is the more serious charge of aggravated assault or a less serious charge, then you will need to hire an experienced PA defense attorney to ensure a just verdict is reached. There are many cases when people have been charged with assault where they receive the most severe penalties because they did not hire a York PA lawyer to fight aggressively on their behalf.

Vehicular Manslaughter

Taking someone’s life accidentally while driving is a traumatic event at the best of times. You may feel angry and full of remorse, which may remain with you for the rest of your life. You may wish you had driven more carefully, so as to avoid the anguish. If you have been charged with vehicular homicide then you will need a competent and experienced defense attorney who knows what to expect and how to defend your rights.

Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Many people think that if they are arrested for a crime, they can talk their way out of it because it doesn’t really seem that serious. This is not the case, at least in Pennsylvania. Any arrest by a law enforcer is taken seriously and the prosecution will work hard to get you prosecuted and issued with penalties. After all, it looks good in the eyes of the public if the paid law enforcers are able to control crime in York. However, not all law enforcers act in the way they should when it comes to convicting someone. If you try to defend yourself no one will listen. The only chance you have of getting a fair hearing is to hire a criminal defense lawyer who will work tirelessly and aggressively on your behalf to ensure you have a fair hearing.

We are only one block away from York County Courthouse, which helps when handling clients’ cases. If you have been arrested and charged with any type of criminal offense call us now so that we can assist you in either getting your charges dismissed or your penalties reduced.


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